At Tao Holdings we have designed proprietary trading strategies upon the basis of systematic as well as discretionary macro-economic perspectives. We blend quantitative strategies with comprehensive performance analysis to anticipate financial market volatility and risk factors in a time efficient manner.

Trading Perspectives

Tao Holdings’ Systematic Macro-economic Model

This is our in-house quantitative strategy across several asset classes that include amongst others fixed income and mutual funds and prosper from the up-down price developments across multiple asset classes in both developed and emerging markets. This strategy operates independently regardless of market trends and is based exclusively on cold hard mathematics and statistical analysis.

Trading Perspectives

Tao Holdings’ Discretionary Macro-economic Model

This is our in-house quantitative strategy that concentrates on the fluctuating nature of central banks and governmental policies. Such elements can affect the valuation of investment vehicles. Tao Holdings’ portfolios that operate according to this strategy are internationally diversified and utilize macro-economic data as the foundation for proportional value positions in the case of both emerging as well as developed markets.

Tao Holdings’ active trading approach is a profoundly tactical strategy that offers flexible exposure to a wide range of assets with the following principal key points:

Selecting and using the appropriate strategy

Fundamental-based trading

Acquiring capital by leveraging volatility to our advantage

Taking advantage of opportunities in order to benefit from unforeseen market events

Trading Perspectives

Strategic Asset Allocation

At Tao Holdings, our team of specialists provides a centralized image of the international wealth of every investor according to asset class. After that, by using our in-house quantitative models, we inspect their asset allocation risk vs. return profile, and finally we assist them in optimizing their portfolio allocation to better suit their investment goals.

Tao Holdings’ tactical asset allocation instruments assist our investors with uncovering important allocation goals over the long-term. We pay close attention to our investors, comprehending their requirements and financial goals, and with the help of our proprietary strategies we design a highly customized and profitable perspective of allocation choices for future gains.

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