Responsible Investing

Principles for Responsible Investing

The PRI Initiative is an international chain of investors that work in association in order to put into practice a number of ESG principles in their financial endeavors. The Initiative’s objective is to assist the growth of a more solid international financial environment by comprehending the ramifications of sustainability for investors and to help participants to include ESG aspects into the process of investment decision-making.

Over the past decade the importance of ESG has visibly developed into a performance-driven and client-demanded responsible method of investing. International and local businesses that practice sustainable corporate development, such as opting to use solar or wind energy or a more eco-friendly production process, have efficiently mitigated their expenses and gained a good reputation in the eyes of investors that notice the value of this approach which has been translated into added value within their portfolios.

Tao Holdings’ accountability to work towards the benefit of our investor’ and the principles of responsible investing is crucial to this policy. Our duty is to apply expert judgment on the multitude of ESG and unrelated factors that will increase portfolio value and how they should be approached in order to improve the long-term profitability of our investments. Tao Holdings’ environmental, social and governance strategy will align the company’s investment endeavors with the extensive social and environmental goals of the societies that we operate in.

Wherever consistent with the interests of our investors and portfolios, Tao Holdings will:

  • Include ESG aspects in the process of investment evaluation as well as investment decision making
  • Implement ESG concerns on all corporate levels
  • Actively pursue relevant ESG concern disclosures by the businesses in which we invest
  • Advocate the recognition and the application of these considerations within the asset management industry
  • Collaborate with the goal of increasing the efficiency of implementing such Principles
  • Disclose our endeavors and advancements in terms of implementing said Principles

We will likewise advocate the implementation of ESG factors to our associates if such factors have not yet been included in their business policies and practices.

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