Market Research

Tao Holdings offers high-quality investment ideas and solutions towards the benefit of our investors through our tailored research across multiple asset classes.

Our specialist research teams provide macro-economic and quantitative investment strategies that anticipate in a timely fashion market shifts as well as the performance of targeted assets. Our research endeavors dynamically assist our investors to better comprehend the tendencies and trends of the global markets that directly impact the performance of their investment portfolios. Tao Holdings’ gifted team of research specialists, with the aid of our proprietary developed strategies, evaluates a consistent range of investment vehicles and financial markets with the goal of providing the best risk-adapted investment opportunities.

  • The equity research team evaluates global stock markets aiming to uncover niche investment opportunities as well as companies with proven development potential

  • The macro research team offers market views and macro-economic perspectives as well as recommendations ranging from investment strategies to diversified asset allocation.

  • The quantitative and evaluation models actively assist our investors to increase their returns, handle exposure to risks, improve performance and supervise market fluctuation models by making use of the comprehensive economic information at our disposal.

  • The portfolio research team offer market perspectives and insights pertaining to asset and sector allocations for the most significant global equity markets.

At Tao Holdings we provide our internationally diversified base of clients with quantitative macro-economic research that evaluates big data and separates fact from theory, offering comprehensively scrutinized investment analysis. We aim to make a substantial account of data and design methods of correlating macroeconomic insight with the goal of identifying attractive asset prices. We delve into the data to discover exclusive and beneficial information for our investors. All of Tao Holdings’ recommendations are designed according to econometric work that connects economic and financial market variables and developments.

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