Fixed Income

As a fixed income manager with many years of experience in the field, Tao Holdings is aware that the most efficient strategy is the one that meets our clients’ requirements. Our range of proprietary fixed income strategies pursue a dynamic investment approach that does not include trading in currencies or derivatives. Instead we make use of research and market analysis improved by our experience in terms of risk management and trading operations to uncover strategies that provide the most profitable return compared to intrinsic risks.

Given the dynamic nature of the international markets Tao Holdings’ investment strategies reflect these aspects and adapt accordingly.  Keeping our proactive approach in mind, Tao Holdings designs quality highly diversified portfolios by blending:

  • Comprehensive research
  • Trading specialization
  • Thorough management of associated risks
  • Specific portfolio creation
  • Trading on an international level

Our committed team of portfolio managers works on your behalf and together with you in order to better design a tailored and adaptable portfolio that meets your many investment requirements and objectives. To achieve this we:

1. Communicate with you to fully comprehend your objectives and determine your risk profile in order to achieve them.

2. Identify the assets most suited for the strategy that compliments your objectives across multiple investment vehicles.

3. Choose the most appropriate investments according to several criteria ranging from liquidity level to taxes.

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