Emerging Markets

The accelerated development of emerging markets has made an important impact on the worldwide economy. According to our research, Tao Holdings considers that this development will only progress and that the cumulated size of today’s emerging economies will have grown five times larger by the year 2050. As an industry leader in terms of EM solutions Tao Holdings has the international outlook and the appropriate talent to support our investors in reaching their objectives.

For our clients, increased secular development rates and diversified opportunities in EM countries and businesses represent attractive features that provide a favorable risk vs. reward profile compared to markets in developed nations.

Tao Holdings analyses historical information but focuses much more on potential future risks that can be caused by social or political events, decisions pertaining to policies, unforeseen market shifts or regulatory adjustments.

Tao Holdings has seen the potential of emerging markets since its inception and invested accordingly, providing long-term opportunities across multiple assets in countries with a proven track-record of economic growth.

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