Investment Approach

Tao Holdings’ blend of international reach and meticulous risk management, as well as comprehensive industry experience across financial markets, allows us to actively interact with industry and business leaders from the most significant market sectors.

By means of expansion and operational development our long-term investment and asset management approach aims to create palpable value on behalf of our wide range of institutional and private investors. Tao Holdings’ approach towards investments includes equities, emerging markets, bonds, mutual funds and fixed income instruments and seeks to invest in assets that possess significant development potential over the long-term. We actively pursue investment opportunities through our specialized research teams and extensive network of associates and financial industry experts.

In order to increase the worth of our range of international investment opportunities, we uncover companies with the most important investment potential in the prevalent market conditions and evaluate its fundamentals, governance, performance and strategies with the goal of providing higher value compared to their competitors.

By adopting a top-down analysis of the most valuable investment opportunities available on an international level and with Tao Holdings’ bottom-up capacity of discovering and developing investments with major upside potential we have been able to deliver solid outperformance.

Tao Holdings employs an internationally unified investment approach across the most important asset classes. Doing so allows Tao Holdings to design adaptable portfolios that can adjust their strategies according to shifting market conditions.

Tao Holdings only invests in companies that present real value and have a track-record of success or proven development potential. Our principal goal is creating value for our clients by providing them with thorough risk management and comprehensive financial markets research designed to assess the profitability of our offerings. Tao Holdings’ asset management specialists are supported by our teams of experienced industry professionals who take advantage of their time-tested market knowledge with the goal of identifying value producing opportunities.

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