About Us

Established in 2009, Tao Holdings is a premier asset management company that offers investment advice and associated services to institutional, high-net worth and individual investors alike.

Tao Holdings helps its wide range of investors with tailored solutions, investment products, award-winning market research teams as well as comprehensive risk screening. Tao Holdings operates globally and is based in Tokyo, one of Asia’s most significant trading centers.

Since our inception the Tao Holdings team has focused on fulfilling the financial aspirations of our investors. Our reputation for quality investment management has earned us not only their trust but also their friendship.

All of our endeavors begin with our clients’ requirements; whether it is setting funds aside for a child’s education, saving up capital for retirement or diversifying for long-term profits, we are dedicated to accomplishing our clients’ financial ambitions as they envision them.

The success and development of Tao Holdings is the end result of our employee’s efforts.

Core Principles

To show our support Tao Holdings aims to create a working environment that distinguishes itself according to the following principles:

• Creative thinking and innovative problem solving
• Making responsible decisions
• Working in cooperation
• Boldness
• Moral etiquette and integrity
• Determination and dignity

Tao Holdings’ priorities

• Ensure that the basics are right at all times
• Provide dependable and competitive results
• Provide investors with first-in-class products and service and foreseeing their future requirements
• Establish a culture of success

Corporate Responsibility

Tao Holdings believes that ESG (environment, social and corporate governance) practices can directly impact the performance of investment portfolios and are required principles for investing in a responsible manner. We also employ bottom-up analysis in order to establish the sustainability level of a company’s business model. Corporate entities that engage in questionable practices or have problematic corporate governance usually do not possess a sustainable business model that enables success over the long term.

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